• Jill Loveland

Jedi Training at Walt Disney World

If you are headed to Disney World with a child that is a Star Wars fan, then you should not miss Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple at Hollywood Studios. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 can live out their Star Wars fantasies of becoming a Jedi knight. This amazing experience takes place multiple times each day (weather permitting).

To participate in the Jedi training you need to make a reservation. These spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis and registration starts as soon as the park opens. Children who want to participate have to be present (with an adult) to sign up. Wes and I arrived at Hollywood Studios before the park opened and went straight to the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost to register (located to the left of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular). Even though we got there right as the park opened, there were already hundreds of people in line! It snaked (pun intended) all through the Indiana Jones area. I really didn’t think Wes was going to get a spot but after about a 30 minute wait, we made it to the front and got a ticket for that day! He was beyond excited. They are able to accommodate a huge amount of little Padawans but I would make sure you get there when the park opens if you want to get a spot.

We arrived at our appointed time for training at the Outpost where we registered. Each youngling is outfitted with a robe and lightsaber. Once everyone in the class is ready, they go through training about how to behave like a Jedi. I was pretty impressed at how they managed this group of kids that were a wide variety of ages. They are trained in how to safely use their lightsaber and what to expect while they are at the temple.

After the training is completed, the class is lined up from smallest to largest and they get behind their Jedi Master to march out to the stage area next to the Star Tours attraction. Disney has professional photographers right next to the stage to take plenty of pictures. They make sure to get shots of every child. So even if you don’t get a good spot, you will get great pictures to remember it. I thought I got a great spot to stand, but Wes ended up on a different part of the stage and my pictures were disappointing. But, the Photo Pass pictures were wonderful!

The stage show is full of Hollywood magic and Star Wars lore. Darth Vader and some fellow bad guys make an appearance for the young Jedis to practice their new skills on. As a group, they have to use the force to send Kylo Ren back into the temple and as Wes says, “This only works in Disney World”. He still lights up when he talks about it.

Jedi Training is an amazing experience for small Star Wars fans and it’s totally free! I highly recommend it. It’s just a shame they don’t take big kids like me!

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